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World Anti-Bullying Forum 2017

New Study: Being alone affects academic performance

Children who do not have any friends and children that expose others to bullying or is exposed to bullying themselves, run a much higher risk of not attaining high school eligibility. This is the result from a new research study by Friends and Örebro University in Sweden.

The study illustrates how prevalence of bullying and acts of degrading treatment, lack of friends and truancy affect children’s academic performance. This research is the first of its kind in Sweden and it has been conducted through a longitudinal study, following the students during several years.

Friends Center is looking for a Research Coordinator

Do you want to work with Friends International Center's knowledge development, coordinate and develop research projects, quality assure scientific productions, represent our center at national and international conferences and events, and more? Apply to become our research coordinator.

Robert Thornberg on bystander responses

Stephanie Plenty on social exclusion

More videos from World Anti-Bullying Forum

Now you can watch all of the recorded presentations, workshops and interviews from the first World Anti-Bullying Forum on our YouTube channel. Some of the most recently posted videos include:

  • School bullying and victimization and their associations with classroom prevalence of bystander responses, individual tendency of blaming the victim, and gender, by Robert Thornberg
  • Trumped: School bullying, power, and US election rhetoric by Paul Horton, and
  • Social Exclusion among Peers: Are Immigrant Status and Classroom Immigrant Density Relevant? by Stephanie Plenty from the Institute for Futures Studies.

Friends in the European Parliament

On the Universal Children’s Day, young people from 15 member states were invited to the European Parliament to pose questions to a panel consisting of some of the leading experts on children’s rights. Per Leander, Friends’ Secretary General, took part in the panel and answered questions on degrading treatment and bullying in schools and online. This event was a part of EU’s goal to better include the voices and opinions of children and youth.

The announcement of World Anti-Bullying Forum 2019 will be held on January 30th. Visit our website or stay tuned for upcoming newsletter!


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