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Here they are, the selected projects!



The projects for competition in the Development Fund &

Post Production Platform have been chosen!



For the 4th edition of MAFF Market Forum for Co-production of feature, short and documentary films in development we have received no less than 37 eligible projects from the Arabic countries and Sweden, and 28 eligible projects in post-production.


The Development Fund and The Post Production Platform are a way of promoting and supporting Arab filmmakers, but also encouraging cooperation between Arab and Nordic film industries.

The selection process was tough, as we have received many interesting projects. However, in the final stages, the true standout films and projects were discussed and considered at length by the entire selection committee and festival director. And now MAFF is proud to announce the projects and films in competition for MAFF Development and Post-Production Fund! 

Projects selected for competiotion in the

MAFF Development Fund:




A Respectable Family, Arab Producer: Rashid Abdelhamid, Swedish Producer: Linda Mutawi, country: Palestine

Costa Brava Lebanon, Arab Producer: Myriam Sassine, Swedish Producer: Olivier Guerpillon, country: Lebanon

And Some Land of "Ma", Arab Producer: Leopold Ajami, Swedish Producer: Jonas Kellagher, country: Lebanon, UAE

Farha, Arab Producer: Darin Sallam, Swedish Producer: William Johansson, country: Jordan

Blood and Honey, (بالمقلوب), Arab Producer: Mohamed Siam, Swedish Producer: Christer Nelson, country: Egypt, France




Omar Sharif, Arab Producer: Mark Lotfy , Swedish Producer: Sigrid Helleday, country: Egypt

Searching for Kikhia , Arab Producer: Jihan Kikhia, Swedish Producer: Andreas Rocksen, country: Libya, Canada

Beautiful Country, (بلد جميل), Arab Producer: Hassanein Khazaal, Swedish Producer: Peter Krupenin, country: Iraq, France




Give Up the Ghost, Arab Producer: Zain Duraie, Swedish Producer: Helene Granqvist, country: Jordan

Worms Will Not Know Paradise, (الدیــــدان لـن تعرف الجنــــة), Arab Producer: Nejib Nejib AYAD, Swedish Producer: Leif Mohlin , country: Tunisia

Every Day at 6 AM, (كل يوم الساعة ٦ الصبح), Arab Producer: Yasser Shafiey, Swedish Producer: William Johansson, country: Egypt


Projects selected for competition in the

Post Production Platform:




RESET, (PARKOUR(S)), Producer & Director: Fatma Zohra Zamoum, country: Algeria

When We’re Born, (Lama Bentweled), Producer: Moataz Abdelwahab, Director: Tamer Ezzat Ezzat, country: Egypt

FATARIA, (FATARIA), Producer: Richard Magnien, Director: Walid Tayaa, country: Tunisia, France




The Smuggled Sperm, (Alnotaf Almoharabah), Producer: Nada Ennab, Director: Sawsan Qaoud, country: Palestine

Girls of the Moon, (بنت القمرة), Producer: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh, Director: Hiba Dhaouadi, country: Tunisia



At least one representative from the collective 16 projects will be invited, by Malmö Arab Film Festival, to attend the MAFF Market Forum (6-8 October). Once here they will get to pitch their projects to a jury of selected industry experts. For each category there will be one winning project. We are very excited about the selection and look forward to the pitches!


Keep an eye on our webpage and Facebook for updates about the festival!


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