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 Open call limited to the FinEstBeAMS beamline


Following its recent commissioning expert call, the FinEstBeAMS beamline, at the 1.5 GeV ring, is glad to move forward to its first call for regular users. To that end a call limited to the FinEstBeAMS beamline has been opened.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Wednesday 19 December 2018.

The review will take place in January and proposers will be notified in February 2019. This will allow for User beamtime allocation as early as from April to June 2019. Proposal should be submitted from the DUO system. Please note to select “normal” as proposal type and “Spectroscopy” as the research area.

Visit the FinEstBeAMS user information page for more details on the current status and available beamline functionality. Please contact the beamline staff if you have further questions. More information on obtaining access to the MAX IV Laboratory can be found in our user guide.

Upcoming calls for proposals for beamtime

MAX IV aims to open a call for commissioning experts in January for beamlines that are not yet in general user operation and where no commissioning call has been issued earlier. 

MAX IV also aims to open a call for all beamlines in general user operation in February 2019, with deadline in March 2019. This call will be for beamtime to be allocated in the second half of 2019.

More information and exact dates to be announced soon on the User Pages.

To read up on the news at MAX IV Laboratory or see the capabilities of other beamlines, please go to