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Peace IS

Warmly welcome to Aschima´s newsletter for october. With inspiration and news from my healing work and Soul passion

Inspiration - What is PEACE

People and souls start to search for inner peace, often in the lifetimes when they are here to fully awaken out from the identified self... - You are eternally here and awakening happens when you move within and stay inside, not touching anything outside you, as an ancor for your peace. Someone that is awaken,  as Aschima or a Satsang teacher or High soul healer, can help you to trust, letting go and relax within and go deeper to experience the bliss of being and the bliss of inner peace.

How to reach the experience: Peace is STILL. And Peace IS. There is a peaceful point within every soul, it is located by the heart. Since this point is still and peaceful, you need to let go of searching to get there, letting go of the mind and drop into the heart.

-You can have pain and still be at peace, so pain and peace are not opposite. Running away from experiencing pain will keep you further away from experiencing peace. That is why not so many souls awaken, they all run a way from pain. When you embrace pain, it is not so painful.. You love yourself. There are layers that you go through to fully awaken that needs an embrace. Coming to Aschima for a reiki or session will also help that EMBRACE to come and the trust in relaxing in the now. When you feel held you can melt.... And then the next opening to awakening happens.

A Tip from my heart through this month, is to turn to what is peaceful, what is more light, instead of stepping into violence/anger/hurt or those with large painbodies, that need someone to poor their emotions out to. It is a choice and it is changing a habit, also not looking at turmoil, watching the negative news, or violent movies, as it goes to the heart and then the experience becomes more violent as well. What you give attention to will automatically grow.

Warmly welcome for a session helping you turn towards peace, receiving answers to questions, open to Joy again, and the Reiki symbol Oneness Flower, that you also can work with yourself and meeting the great elephant God "Ganesha" with Aschima.

LOVE and DEEP peace


Book to

New Reiki Symbol for Creation in ONE - Attunement and blessing with Ganesha and Aschima. Ganesha helps with opening flow by taking away blocks in your path and the Symbol opens the third eye for focus on your unique Flowering in Creation.

Offer from Aschima for October


Receive Healing warmth wherever you are:

Reiki healing and Chakra clearing 1400 sek ( 20% discount )

( Both Distantly and on Healing Bench )

Book 2 session and receive ( 10% discount! )

Skype 45 min 800 sek ( not on ordinary booking , only october )


All offers : 1 time/client and swish payment received before the session


Warmth and LOVE



"As an awakening being you become more sensitive to stress--- Aschima gives you information, what she uses everyday, so you can stay more energized and peaceful..

-This document is created for you who is elevating your chakras and going through awakening and enlightenment – Giving yourself space to become whole - to Heal and – Living from your Soul vibration. The intention is to stay in peace and not go into lower vibrations, but what to do when you get affected....

4 page, document, created for you with Practical instructions, for the Morning, After work and Evening – To stay energised and experiencing more EASE and the blessing of the spiritual journey, feeling home inside! Who and What protection to call forth!

cost 1700 sek

Book through email to : write that you want to receive the document " Aschima´s Shielding" and it will be delivered to you in a pdf.


You can Book - REIKI Attunement with Intention - All reiki symbols - For october the recommendation is Sei He KI or a power symbol and the new Oneness Flower symbol.

- Reiki with Awake guidance to stay in peace and open to a new Adventure and freedom within.

- Have a Chakra clearing in October and Be filled with Reiki.

- Aschima charges Crystals with healing energies for every session, you can bring your own and they will receive new energy during a reiki healing

- Reiki Courses - Learn to give reiki as Self healing and To others - The best tool for healing and ascension.

Chakra clearing course - Learn to do chakra clearing yourself!









Music for inner peace, transformations and spiritual connection

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Download MEDITATION for Opening Breathing and Being  - ITUNES


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