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WeCloud Email Security Upgrade

WeCloud Email Security (Scandinavian Public Cloud) is being upgraded Thursday May 18th. The new release introduces several new features, optimizes performance, improving functionality and user experience.

New features introduced in this release:

New Statistics
A brand new statistics module is being introduced. The new module offers an updated graphical design, as well as additional data and details such as top-malware, per-user-stats, top-senders and archive usage.


2-Factor authentication
To improve security and privacy we introduce the option to require SMS-verification passcodes in addition to username/password for administrator access to the Email Security Portal.


IP-adress restricted access
To improve security and privacy we introduce the option to restrict access to the customers Email Security Portal from selected IP-numbers or IP-ranges.


Filter by custom header
Option to quarantine emails based on custom headers or header values. Emails triggering the custom header rules can either be stored in the regular spam quarantine (and thus available to end-users) or in the admin quarantine (and thus only available to admins).


VBA Macro Detection
Emails containing attached Microsoft Office files with active content (VBS Macros) may now be detected and blocked. The setting may be applied to a company profile, domain or a specific user.

Brute force protection
Extended brute-force protection to improve security and privacy. Automatic lock-out if brute force attempts are detected.


Option to disable spam feedback
The WeCloud Email Security system is continuously sending feedback containing spam, IP,  sender, FP's and more from the live email flow to improve the hitrate and quality of filter. New option introduced with this release allows for disabling of spam feedback on a per-customer-level. Please contact WeCloud support if you want to disable spam feedback.


Domain specific QMS customisation
QMS-report may now be customised on a per-domain-level.


Optimised whitelabeling for partners
Whitelabeling for partners has been optimized and now includes option to whitelabel QMS and notifications.

Counter for bypassed emails now added to overview. File type on outbound file type blocks now displayed in logs. Additional reasons displayed for BMA filtering. Whitelist from overview fixed. Other minor backend bugs fixed.


Partners hosting their own WeCloud Private Cloud
To take advantage of the new features in your WeCloud Private Cloud please contact WeCloud to schedule a time for an upgrade.

Contact WeCloud for more information
Please do not hesitate to contact WeCloud if you have any questions or would like an in-depth walkthrough of the upcoming new features.

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